" /> China Report: India-China war will hit most nations.

China Report: India-China war will hit most nations.

National security adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval met state councilor Yang Jiechi, on Thursday.
Indications of how the bilateral meeting went on Thursday could be gleaned by the commentary released by China’s official Xinhua news agency which sent out a conciliatory signal just before Doval is expected to meet Chinese president Xi Jinping on Friday. The news agency spoke of the need to enhance mutual trust between the two countries because they are not born rivals. The comments released by the official Xinhua news agency made a strong plea to avoid the possibility of a war. Most economy.

Yang, who as China’s state councilor overseeing foreign affairs occupies a powerful and influential position in the state council, is a nominee in the India-China special representative level dialogue with NSA Doval.

India must understand that China wishes what’s good for the Indian people and would love to see a strong India standing shoulder by shoulder with China, Xinhua, which reflects the government’s thinking said, giving an emotional touch to the vexed relationship. Instead of being rivals, India and China have much more common ground, common interests, and common aspirations. Both as developing countries, the two need to work together on important issues like fighting climate change, protectionism.

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